The World Bank has warned a bird flu pandemic may cost the global overall economy up to $800bn.

Lee stated if the globe is unprepared, the next pandemic may cause incalculable individual misery – both straight from the increased loss of human life, and through its widespread effect on security indirectly, no culture will become exempt, no overall economy will be left unscathed. Although Lee also stressed a human being flu pandemic has however to begin all over the world, he said the signals are obvious that is coming. Milan Brahmbhatt, World Lender chief economist for the Asia-Pacific area said that it could be assumed that the shock throughout a flu epidemic could possibly be even bigger and go longer than SARS which triggered widespread global panic before getting contained in 2003. Nevertheless pathologists view a potential bird flu outbreak as a far more dangerous proposition vastly.Researchers asked individuals how willing these were to trade personal money for life-prolonging malignancy treatment, or would they rather receive treatment that could cost them less however, not permit them to live for as long. They discovered that 80 % of blacks had been ready to exhaust all assets to extend life, in comparison to 72 % of Asians, 69 % of Hispanics and 54 % of whites just. The largest difference was between whites and blacks: Blacks had been 2.4 times much more likely than whites to exhaust personal finances to live longer.