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In our daily lifestyle while breathing, enzyme secretions, the circulation of blood and several such physiological procedure we have a tendency to accumulate toxins directly into these channels. These toxins may also be accumulated due to stressful life, living environment and harmful food habit. Therefore, these toxin must be thrown apart from the body to remain healthful which what Ayurvedic panchakarma treatment will. Ayurvedic panchakarma treatment will focus on numerous means of rejuvenation, purification of body, soul and mind.What’s health care about if it’s not for preserving and protecting human life? Tonight the Senate failed to do just that. This legislation moves us toward redefining abortion as health care which is the ultimate objective of the abortion lobby led by Prepared Parenthood. The flawed provisions in Reid’s anti-life bill provide for federal government funding for abortion, neglect to protect medical providers who object to executing procedures that violate their conscience, and fail to prohibit federal government financing of assisted suicide.