And circulatory program is moving too slowly to greatly help millions of patients.

Cell Therapy Base analysis calls for funding in medical research One of the most promising medical study conducted to treat diseases of the mind, heart, and circulatory program is moving too slowly to greatly help millions of patients, according to the Cell Therapy Base, which advocates the use of adult stem cells to dramatically effect and enhance the condition of individuals who suffer from a number of circumstances prescription drugs . A Cell Therapy Foundation analysis of current medical trials points to a crucial need: more federal, private, and philanthropic financing for adult stem cell scientific trials.

Cell phone towers may be ultimate reason behind honeybee population collapse It’s one of the signs of the approaching food collapse our world will be facing: Honeybees are disappearing at a truly alarming rate all over the world. Up to thirty % of the honeybee inhabitants is collapsing in North America every full year, and there’s no end in view to ‘the silence of the bees.’ Honeybees, of course, pollinate about a third of all food consumed by first-world countries. Without them, the global food supply food and crashes prices skyrocket. The human population, not surprisingly, would plummet. Honeybees are absolutely crucial to the chain of existence on planet Earth, and they are dying in record figures.