BioLife Solutions announces preliminary income of $9 million for 2013 BioLife Solutions.

We shall continue steadily to seek additional opportunities to supply aseptic media formulation, fill, and finish solutions on a agreement basis as the regenerative medicine marketplace matures over another several years.. BioLife Solutions announces preliminary income of $9 million for 2013 BioLife Solutions, Inc. , a respected developer, manufacturer and marketing expert of proprietary clinical-quality hypothermic storage space and cryopreservation freeze press and precision thermal delivery items for cells and cells, today announced preliminary income of $9.0 million for the entire year 2013. BioLife Solutions CEO, Mike Rice stated, 2013 was another great yr for BioLife, permitted by the commitment and commitment of we, which demonstrated the capability to execute both strategically and operationally.The record also demonstrated that mortality rates were around 4 percent lower in Northern Ireland for women and men. While the overall number of cancers has elevated due to population development and ageing and elevated detection for a few cancers including prostate and breasts cancer, the real number of cancer deaths has fallen. Improvements in survival for breast, colorectal and prostate malignancy were recorded over the last survival and decade rates are not falling for any cancer. Dr Anna Gavin, director of NICR, said: ‘This is actually the first time we’ve been in a position to compare treatment variations in addition to the usual incidence, survival and mortality. ‘Surprisingly, despite the fact that we are coping with two different healthcare systems there is certainly remarkably little variation in treatment, with improvements over time in both national countries.