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The CDC has even more on pregnancy problems, including weight problems and gestational diabetes.. Autism associated with mom’s obesity during pregnancy CBS Evening Information Possible hyperlink between autism and maternal weight problems A new research suggests a mother’s fat might donate to autism advancement in kids. Dr. Jon LaPook reviews. Autism is much more likely that occurs in children whose moms had been obese while pregnant, new research suggests. Photos – Could it be autism? Facial features that present disorderComplete Coverage: Latest advancements in autism The study, among the to begin its kind, included about 1,000 California children, age groups 2 to 5. Experts associated with the UC Davis Brain Institute viewed their mothers’ medical information and examined the association between weight problems and autism.To Your Health!

CCIH study: Canadians are forced to select between personal health insurance and financial future McGuinty government huge possibility to bridge growing gulf Canadians are increasingly being forced to choose between their personal health insurance and their financial future, today by the Canadian Council for Integrated Health care according to a study released. The scholarly study, entitled: ‘I’ll simply take my medication almost every other day. ,’ looked at the patchwork of provincial legislation across Canada. It discovered the mix of rising drug costs and the latest recession has remaining many Canadians’ financial and physical health at odds. The analysis cites the fact that one in 12 Canadians say they have not really taken necessary medication because of cost.