There is no treatment for Alzheimers disease or other forms of dementia.

Dr. David Geldmacher of the University of Virginia and co-workers tested pioglitazone in Alzheimer’s patients who didn’t have diabetes and found a slower progression of the condition in 12 out of 25 sufferers who had taken pioglitazone. Rachel Whitmer of Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, California, studied 22,852 individuals with type 2 diabetes for eight years and found people that have very poor blood sugars control were more likely to develop dementia, while those with the worst blood sugar levels, were 78 % much more likely to obtain dementia.Regarding to press reviews, Dr. Rodriguez conspired with five other medical professionals to recruit individuals, diagnose them with HIV, then forge false records for HIV treatment providers that earned them millions of dollars in Medicare reimbursements. From 2003 through February 2006 October, the team of doctors bilked Medicare for $20 million in false claims. But here’s the best part: This fraud wasn’t limited to just one single medical clinic. Dr. Rodriguez was the medical director for five extra Miami-based HIV infusion clinics where the same fraud continuing to the tune of huge amount of money. As you find out all this, keep in mind that both of these fraudsters had been state-licensed medical doctors, granted the right to prescribe dangerous chemical substances to infants, kids and older persons.