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The declaration can be false medically, because of the approved herd immunity theory widely, which states that so long as most people are immunized, all are protected. In sum, inclusion of the sentence involved is unethical, exceeds company authority, and is and medically false legally. The sentence in question should therefore be removed from the draft personal exemption form. 3. The next concern can be the requirement of a medical professional’s signature. That is problematic for several factors: a. First, it unfairly needs those exercising the exemption to spend money to workout the proper, as healthcare specialists shall charge for visits where citizens seek to get the form signed. This is especially unfair to low-income parents. DOH should not impose a financial penalty on citizens who choose to exercise a statutory right.a pioneering U.S. Cannabis Science, in conjunction with Rockbrook, its Colorado-certified dispensary, consulted with a number of cancer sufferers who were wanting to inform themselves of the existing peer examined scientific literature, regarding the historical usage of cannabis to treat tumors . Unlike most standard cancer treatments, cannabis has an outstanding security profile, and sufferers in says with medical marijuana laws can easily make an informed decision to legally try numerous cannabis preparations to determine what is most effective because of their particular condition.