Antioxidant imbalance in irregular sperm By Sally Robertson.

Further evaluation demonstrated that DF was lowest in the normozoospermic samples and highest in the asthenooligoteratozoospermic samples, accompanied by the asthenoteratozoospermic samples. Furthermore, degrees of peroxynitrite and superoxide anion correlated with DF considerably, and it was possible to predict the amount of DF from these values, reports the team. ‘In conclusion also to the best of our understanding, this is actually the first statement about the relationship between peroxynitrite and DF in infertile couples with normal and unusual semen parameters,’ conclude Valojerdi et al.Recently, a method referred to as amyloid PET was approved for scientific use in Sweden. This amyloid is a marker for Alzheimer's changes, which are mapped with Family pet imaging then. In the study, both the cerebrospinal liquid sample and the amyloid PET scans could actually identify approximately 90 percent of the individuals who would be diagnosed with Alzheimer's on later. Our conclusion is therefore that the two methods work equally well to do this aim. One can choose the method on the basis of cost thus, expertise or patient preference , says Sebastian Palmqvist, MD, PhD, at Lund University.