Slow economic growth and rising poverty the new normal for America and Us citizens?

According to recent reports, a large and growing part of American employees who are having trouble making ends meet because of rising costs are being forced to raid their retirement accounts for non-retirement needs, ‘raising wide questions about the effectiveness of probably the most important cost savings vehicles for later years,’ The Boston World said. In fact, several in four – an astounding 25 % of workers – with 401 and similar retirement savings accounts are now using them to pay out current bills, brand-new data indicates. The financial figure is alarming: A one fourth of the $293 billion deposited in such accounts every year is now becoming drained via loans, withdrawals and out-correct cash-outs, ‘undermining currently shaky retirement protection for millions of Americans,’ the paper said.Juice products, claim health authorities, are contributing to obesity and additional chronic health problems in many of the same ways that soda pop beverages are. Sedentary time restricted to 30 minutes weekly instead of 60 minutes each day The rule adjustments also address the types of activities day care center kids will be allowed to engage in every day. Rather than be allowed to spend up to one hour per day watching television and doing offers on tablet devices, day time care center kids will now be restricted to only one half-hour of screen period per week.