Charlotte Gerson speaks out about the tumor industry and natural cancers remedies Dr.

Friday evening Watch Charlotte Gerson LIVECharlotte Gerson joins our Healing Miracles LIVE event kicking off this, March 19th, 2010. The event continues all day Saturday, March 20th. Tickets to wait the event personally have long been sold-out since, but you can watch the event live from your own computer via our real-time streaming technology for less than what it would price to be there in person. Plus, you’ll get access to the entire video archives of the entire event at no extra charge. Grab a chair for this rare event and you’ll observe Dr. Julian Whitaker, the ongoing health Ranger, Charlotte Gerson and several other fascinating natural wellness pioneers providing LIVE presentations.After viewing a demonstration, ABC quickly valued the potential of a simple record-keeping system that actually requires no teaching of anesthesia providers and yet could generate digitized records that increase the speed and accuracy of payment promises submitted to wellness insurers. Under the partnership agreement, Shareable Ink receives exclusive rights to integrate with F1RSTAnesthesia. Furthermore, ABC would be the single anesthesia billing and practice management firm to resell or individually permit the Shareable Ink technology. Quantum may be the most comprehensive, today most highly tested and proven continuous quality responses loop system in the market.