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In February, the US Centers for Disease Control reported the case of a mom in Brazil who, after she received a yellow fever vaccine, approved the virus to her infant through her milk. Hepatitis B virus provides been detected in the milk of HBV-positive moms, though it’s unclear if the virus can actually be transmitted through breast-feeding; the most common method of mother-to-child HBV transmission is definitely during delivery itself. If a Hepatitis C-positive mother provides bleeding or cracked nipples, she runs an increased threat of transmitting the virus to her infant. It’s worthy of noting that another US government agency, the Transport Security Administration, classifies breast milk seeing that ‘liquid medication’, which is why mothers are permitted to bring a lot more than three ounces of it on a plane.Diabetic retinopathy may be the most common reason behind legal blindness in working-age Americans. Presently, there are around 21 million people who have diabetes.

Clinical trial of fresh Bionovo menopause drug moves forward Today, an incredible number of women have problems with often-harsh symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes and night sweats – – and relief is nowhere to be found. Today a pharmaceutical organization called Bionovo Inc.