CDC MMR/autism research wrong questions asked.

The questions must have been: Do normally developing kids meeting all milestones possess an MMR shot, develop GI problems and then regress into autism? Do they have evidence of disease and measles in their colons in comparison to non-vaccinated age group and sex matched controls? 2. In today’s CDC study, only a small subgroup of children was the correct phenotype to review. From page 7, ‘Only 5 of 25 subjects acquired received MMR prior to the starting point of GI problems and had also got starting point of GI episodes prior to the starting point of AUT .’ The various other 20 autistic kids in the analysis had GI problems however the pathology developed before the MMR vaccine.The doctors interviewed 13,889 of the small children and their mothers between 2002-05, half of whom had attended treatment centers promoting breastfeeding. Of mothers those moms who visited treatment centers that advocated breastfeeding, 43 percent fed their babies only on breast milk before age of three months, compared with 6.4 percent of women at the control treatment centers. Professor Kramer says the study provides the strongest evidence to date that prolonged and distinctive breastfeeding makes children even more intelligent.