Kid beats rabies without vaccine: How?

That’s what doctors say about the little girl who survived rabies without a vaccine, the third person in the U.S. To take action. Her name, fittingly, is usually Precious. Precious Reynolds, 8, of Willow Creek, Calif., was treated by pediatricians at the University of California Davis Children’s Hospital in coordination with federal and California wellness officials, the hospital said in a declaration. In April She contracted the disease, probably from a feral cat outside her elementary college. Tests in May revealed she got rabies after Precious’s grandmother got her to the doctor due to flu-like symptoms. Her doctors were shocked that they found rabies. Rabies had not been on my list, Dr. Theresa Vlautin, her pediatrician at Children’s Hospital, told the Sacramento Bee. It is rather, very rare to obtain rabies in a human – there about 30 cases in the world.The effective incorporation of known sequences at both ends of the cDNA during 1st strand synthesis enables researchers to perform the whole protocol within a tube, without a independent adaptor ligation step. The mix of SMART technology’s ability to handle very little levels of RNA with Illumina’s exclusive combination of long and short reads, single and paired-end sequencing, and convenience of tens of millions to billions of reads per run enables you to annotate coding SNPs, discover transcript isoforms, characterize splice junctions, and determine the relative abundance of transcripts from even the smallest samples.

Breast cancer survivors more likely to lose jobs Operating women who survive breast cancer will lose their jobs significantly, according to a new study.