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Leukaemia and lymphoma are two types of cancer affecting blood cells. Both illnesses are studied and so are currently treated mainly with chemotherapy widely, antibodies and radiotherapy in order to destroy the tumor cells. Unfortunately, there are still a considerable number of sufferers that do not react to existing therapies. For this good reason, the new discoveries published this whole week in Cell Reports journal could possibly be very important for the future. This discovery checks a fresh therapeutic strategy that allows blood diseases, like leukaemia and lymphoma, to be treated’, clarifies Thomas Graf, principal investigator on the project, group head at the Centre for Genomic Regulation and ICREA analysis professor.The observations suggest strongly that genomic catastrophe can create the required and required molecular alterations for neoplastic transformation and tumorigenesis in regular founder cells in the lack of selective pressures or ongoing genomic evolution.' Coleman added that further research is needed to determine whether cell fusion occasions between normal individual cell types bring about genomic catastrophe and neoplastic transformation..