Bird flu updates By Dr Ananya Mandal.

Bird flu updates By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD Bird flu virus stress not transmissible The most recent bird flu virus that killed a 39-year-aged bus driver in the southern Chinese town of Shenzhen over the weekend isn’t yet transmissible between human beings, Chinese wellness authorities said. The person, who resided in Shenzhen over the border from Hong Kong simply, on Saturday passed away from multi-organ failure, a week after getting admitted to medical center with a fever due to the virus, state media reported . Hong Kong’s Center for Health Security said on Mon that the virus stress within the man was nearly the same as that recently within crazy birds in Hong Kong.

Vietnam’s comes second with 93 cases which 42 have passed away; Vietnam hasn’t documented a case of H5N1 in human beings since November 2005. The impasse over virus posting is associated with Indonesia’s needs that it and various other poor H5N1-affected countries must have guaranteed and inexpensive usage of any H5N1 vaccines in case the virus triggers a pandemic. The H5N1 virus continues to be a virus of birds essentially, but experts dread it might change into an application easily transmitted from individual to individual triggering a pandemic with the potential to destroy millions. Most human situations have already been the total consequence of direct or indirect connection with infected birds..